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My Favourite Kinds of Wedding Photography

September 1, 2018 | News

There are SO many wedding photographers out there. If you’re currently looking for a photographer your head might be in a spin! Good wedding photographers will have their own unique and definitive style so it’s really all about finding one whose style matches your personalities and your event. I believe it’s a combination of three things ~ their style, their technical ability and their creative eye… so lets break these down:

Style – below are three categories I’ve chosen (there are others such as fine art/beauty/luxury, alternative/way out/offbeat but these are my favoured styles) and examples of photography and photographers:


From top left: Babb Photo, Babb Photo, Babb PhotoPhotography by PalomaPhotography by PalomaPhotography by Paloma


From top left: Photography by Paloma. All others Joanna Brown


From top left: Carrie Lavers, Carrie Lavers, Carrie Lavers, Carrie Lavers, Light of Wild, Agnes Black

Technical ability – by this I mean being able to use light really well, using depth of field techniques and producing really crisp, high quality images. i.e. someone who really knows how to use a camera; someone who has studied photography and is experienced.

Creative eye – what I mean by this is quirky moments captured by a photographer who is ‘on’ all day; they’re getting amongst it and their brain is focused on seeking out opportunities to capture. Fleeting emotional and unique moments (not just group shots and requisite first dance, cake cutting etc).

From top left: Through The Woods We Ran, Through The Woods We RanAnna PumerAnna Pumer, Anna Pumer, Sarah London, Ed GoddenThe Twins, Ed Godden

One of my very favourite things in wedding photography is juxtaposition i.e. using a backdrop that is in complete contrast to a ‘typical’ wedding. Below are some brilliant examples of this:

From top left: Through The Woods We Ran, Anna Pumer, Jason William, Yvonne Lishman, Ed Godden, Blue Lily Weddings

Your photographer will be with you ALL DAY; when you’re getting ready with your closest friends, intimate moments with your new husband/wife, when you’ve had a few sherbets by the end of the night. In my opinion it’s of paramount importance to choose someone you get on with as a friend, someone who puts you at ease and is skilled at directing without being bossy. You want to get natural photographs without feeling like you’re being herded around all day. You want to enjoy the day with someone subtlety blending into the background and capturing it for you.

Good luck! Why not check out the fab photographers in our online directory or look through our current issue for ideas?

Helen x (thought I’d chuck in a photo of me while we’re on the subject of photography… any excuse! Wild Blossom Photography)


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