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February 19, 2015 | News

When I started Doily Days way back in 2009 it was after a lot of soul searching. I wasn’t happy in the jobs I was doing and really wanted something to satisfy my creative side and fully embrace my passion for vintage styling (this was before vintage went CRAZY and took over everything). I just loved how things ‘looked’… especially vintage/country/cosy things. I used to pore over images in magazines and on blogs. I just didn’t know how to get into this world and I was frustrated. It’s crazy to think that six years later I have my own magazine, a fully styled flat I rent out and some amazing photographs of projects I’ve styled and shoots I’ve worked on. I guess I just wanted it so badly it happened. I’m a bit of a wacky spiritual person too and I believe in The Law of Attraction (thoughts become things and all that jazz. If you haven’t seen The Secret by Rhonda Byrne make sure you check it out). Of course, I have worked hard but if you’re working on something you’re passionate about it doesn’t feel like work. I think some people don’t start things because it seems like an uphill struggle and it feels like it will take ages. Well guess what? It does take ages. But the time passes anyway so you may as well get started.

I have learnt a lot about myself and the way I work over the past few years. For example, I can procrastinate and I’ve found out I need pressure in order to get things done. Like, I’ve been saying for almost a year that I’m going to launch a mobile bar. I’m actually annoying myself that I haven’t done it. The bare bones are there and all it needs is a bit of thought and attention but I keep putting it off. Last week, myself and Kelly from Belles Events found the perfect venue for our spring party in Brighton. It’s huge and there is no bar. What better place to launch Doily’s Mini Bar? Than to 100 plus wedding industry pros at my own event. So the date is set – 16th April – and now I have no excuse. It’s happening.

I have also learnt that I love people. Something that came as quite a shock to me really as I have previously found some social situations overwhelming. The people I most enjoy meeting and getting to know are like-minded people – driven individuals who have followed their passion and have carved out a dream life for themselves. Happy people. I feel so lucky that these kind of folk notice me these days and regard me as an equal, even happier that some of these people have become more than business associates, they’ve become friends.


So, if you’re thinking about starting a small business, or taking up a hobby, spend some time searching your soul and finding out what REALLY makes you tick. If you put your heart and soul into something, it can’t fail.

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