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November 17, 2018 | News

Hey folks, a bit of a break from tradition today with a quick Saturday morning post from me!

I wanted to point you in the direction of a podcast I was a guest on recently. I was interviewed by Lola Hoad for the One Girl Band podcast. Lola is based in Brighton, she’s a coach and speaker and she runs a co-working space for small creative businesses. If only I still lived in Brighton… I’d be there like a shot! We desperately need a cool co-working space in Portsmouth.

Our chat gives a bit of an insight into why I started my business back in 2009 (Doily Days back then!), how it’s changed and evolved over the years (including the rebrand), how it’s grown to accommodate the twists and turns of my life (including running a business as a single parent)… and finally future plans!

Above photos of me: left Wild Blossom Photography, right Anna Pumer Photography. Centre image Teddy Pig Photography.

Have a listen if you can, it’s about 40 minutes long. Click here for the link, it’s episode 49. And make sure you subscribe to The One Girl Band podcast. Lola has some great guests on and she gives brilliant advice. It’s my go-to listen while I’m washing up or cleaning! Talking of cleaning, I need to crack on with my Saturday…

Oooooh before I go, a quick mention for my own podcast Margot’s World. Click here to take a look. There are a few episodes to get stuck into and more coming soon. It’s me chatting to creative entrepreneurs within the wedding and events industry.


Helen x

Business coach podcast


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