Q&A With Becky from Waves Weddings & Events

August 27, 2021 | Coastal Wedding, Kent Wedding

Q. Hi Becky! We understand you specialise in wedding planning from Margate, Kent to Mobay, Jamaica… that’s quite a combo. Can you tell us a bit about your background and how Waves came about please?

A. Yes, it is quite a combo indeed and people often wonder how it all came about, to be honest I have worked in events for years so it’s always been a passion of mine. In 2017 I went travelling and spent some time living and working at an amazing retreat in Jamaica and I literally just fell in love with it there. I noticed there were not many UK based wedding planners offering it as a destination for more intimate, off the beaten track weddings (not your standard all inclusive resort-type weddings). I decided then I really wanted to organise weddings and events there.

When I returned to the UK I decided I didn’t want to move back to London and needed to be by the sea again. If it wasn’t going to be Jamaica it needed to be somewhere here with fab beaches. I had visited Margate years ago and a job came up at Dreamland helping with weddings and events there, I really felt like Margate was another amazing coastal destination for a wedding with so many amazing and creative suppliers. I then thought about how my business could focus on beautiful intimate occasions by the seaside and Waves was born.

Intimate Events, Relaxed Vibes, Seamlessly Planned.

I thought I would focus on gorgeous seaside locations, whether that’s a tropical island in the Caribbean or somewhere a bit closer to home. I kind of loved the tagline ‘from Margate to MoBay…’ too and thought it could really work! Also there are not many planners specialising in mostly coastal weddings, so that was a bonus.

Q. What do you specifically love about Jamaica over other tropical islands?

A. Jamaica has so much to offer, the nature and incredible surroundings are beautiful. I particularly love the culture, the music, the food and the people are just so lovely and friendly, some of the warmest I have met. I have visited lots of beautiful Islands but there is just something special and almost magical about Jamaica. It’s so romantic too and just perfect for weddings. I read something once and they called it the ‘island of enchantment’ and I can really relate to that because there really is just something enchanting about it.

Each part of the Island has something different to offer too, whether you want to chill on seven miles of stunning sand in Negril, dance to reggae all night in Kingston or swim in beautiful waterfalls and lagoons in Portland, the Island really has something to offer everyone. It’s a really fun island and just has the most amazing vibes. People often wonder why I love it so much, it can be hard to explain but I just feel like I’m really at home and at peace there, like I have a real connection to it which I think others feel too.

Q. What does a typical destination wedding in Jamaica look (and feel) like?

A. To me weddings in Jamaica are usually intimate and indulgent with a real laid-back feel. Special elements such as the food and music play a huge part, it will feel casual and relaxed but still so romantic and beautiful.

Weddings there would feature gorgeous tropical flowers (native to Jamaica), and delicious authentic food and local entertainment. For me, the ideal venue would be somewhere off the beaten track, say a secluded villa with incredible views over Montego Bay. Service will be perfect, unobtrusive and relaxed but highly professional. The surroundings will provide a stunning backdrop. It will feel magical.

Q. We love love love Margate… arty, independent vibes by the sea. What venue/suppliers would you recommend for a Margate wedding? Oooh and a little birdy told us you’ve preciously been involved with events at Dreamland?!

A. Margate is just fabulous isn’t it, and it has such great vibes, it’s perfect for weddings and events and there are many great venues to choose from depending on what couples are looking for. There are classics such as Dreamland or the Turner Gallery if you really want something wow, or smaller more intimate places such as The Sands Hotel right opposite the main beach. Or The George and Heart where I organised my shoot is also gorgeous for a wedding reception and offers amazing accommodation too. There are lovely cake suppliers such as The little Seaside Bakery which I have my eye on using soon, they offer amazing vegan wedding cakes alongside other services, as for florists Mahal Kita is one of my absolute favourites and was the florist I used to source the amazing anthuriums I used for my shoot and also Ultramarine who can provide stunning arrangements for weddings and events with a really natural and wild feel. There are great photographers, stationers and more also really interesting suppliers such as the amazing and talented artist Megan Metcalf who can offer fab live illustration at your wedding. Ahh and as for Dreamland, yes that’s right, when I first moved to Margate I was lucky enough to work at the Iconic seaside venue for a short while, it was great and I got to work on some weddings and corporate events there, it’s a perfect venue for a seaside wedding.

Q. We came across the following on your website: “For the sun-seekers, beach babes and cool, cultured casual couples”. Can you tell us more about your ideal client please?

A. My ideal clients are relaxed and laid back yet creative and fun, they love travelling and exploring new cultures and amazing surroundings and like me are fond of the seaside, nature and beautiful tropical destinations. Babes and Dudes with messy hair who love having their feet in the sand and are most at home near the beach. They are likely to be free-spirited, they love music and dancing and they want their day to be intimate and beautiful. They are relaxed, cool and generally love good vibes.

Q. What do you think makes you a good wedding planner?

A. I am super organised and have excellent attention to detail and communication skills which really help in this industry. I have been working in the events industry for many years and even have a first class degree in the subject, so it’s literally been my career since I started out. I am definitely a people person and I really enjoy seeing a vision or dream come to reality… and I’m good at making that happen! I am passionate about my events and I really care. I also feel planning a wedding should be really fun and enjoyable and not something that causes too much stress so I can take that away and use my organisational skills to put my clients at ease whilst making it an enjoyable experience at the same time.

Q. How did you find planning your first shoot for Waves? How did you decide on the venue to use and the suppliers to work with?

A. I loved planning the first shoot for Waves, it was tricky trying to do it on a shoestring budget (and during a pandemic!) but overall it went well. The venue and photographer were amazing and really helped it go smoothly. Margate is such a close-knit community and it’s often through a friend-of-a-friend or word-of-mouth that you can find some of the most incredible suppliers. When I was thinking about a venue for the shoot a friend of mine suggested the George and Heart and said they had a lovely secret garden out the back. They introduced us and it was perfect. As for the flowers, my idea always featured beautiful anthuriums and I knew I had to use Mahal Kita. I bought, begged or borrowed all of my props/decor and Heather at ByBlossom stationery provided the beautiful stationery. It was one of my favourite elements as I loved how it represented the idea and my brand overall.

Q. What do you love about the wedding industry?

A. I really love the creativity of the people working in the industry, there are some truly talented suppliers offering incredible services for couples. The  friendliness of the industry is lovely too, a group of people working towards a common goal, to provide something amazing for the client. I love the excitement and passion. I think the way the industry has grown is pretty amazing too, it’s like the world is your oyster now when it comes to weddings. For me I also love the process of organising weddings and the fact that no two days are the same.

Q. We understand you have a special love for flowers! What flower do you think most represents your business and why?

A. I absolutely love flowers, I even worked for a floral stylist once but sadly my floristry skills are not quite as great as my event planning skills. This is a tough one as there are so many stunning tropical flowers that I think really represent the brand, I was tempted to say Anthuriums which I used for my shoot but I think it really has to be Hibiscus as these just have such a tropical vibe and you would instantly think of being somewhere tropical and beautiful with sandy beaches and turquoise waters so they really go with the brand, they also grow all over Jamaica so fit really well with that aspect. This might sound strange but what I quite like too is that they don’t last very long, it’s kind of like lots of work before a few amazing days when they are in bloom, and a wedding is similar, lots of work and planning to create an amazing day.

Q. Can you tell us a bit about the services you offer/how you work with clients?

A. I offer a range of services from on-the-day wedding co-ordination, full wedding planning and a range of consultancy services. Given my background I will also happily organise other special events whether it’s a corporate party or a Christmas dinner with a twist.

I offer a relaxed approach with my clients, something I feel that really sets me apart from others. Whilst I remain completely professional and offer a seamless service, I also like to have some fun with it and build a great relationship with my couples.


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