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Do you need some advice when it comes to booking wedding entertainment? Don’t know where to start? We highly recommend checking out Entertainment Nation. Read on for our Q&A with them…

Q. Please give us a brief introduction to the business i.e. how Entertainment Nation works and how’s it’s beneficial to couples planning their wedding.

A. Entertainment Nation act as the bridge between couples creating their perfect wedding and the UK’s highest quality entertainment. With so many bands, musicians, DJs and entertainers available it is sometimes hard to know where to start, but there’s no need to be overwhelmed: our friendly and experienced team are extremely passionate about helping couples discover their dream act.

We work with couples from start to finish, from actively sourcing the right band, to retrieving competitive quotes, discussing and planning, to booking our clients’ ideal entertainment. We take pride in accepting only the highest-rated acts, who have not only proved their reliability and professionalism, but also know exactly how to transform a wedding into one you’ll cherish forever!

Q. When/why was the company founded?

A. In 2013 our founder, who at the time was a professional musician and band manager, set out to create an entertainment booking agency that was easy to use for both clients and top-quality acts seeking performance opportunities. By creating a hub that connects the two together and offering transparent and pain-free service that you can trust, Entertainment Nation was born.

Nearly a decade later, we’ve built an extensive roster made up of only the best and most sought after acts available in the UK, alongside a dedicated friendly team who are on call 7 days a week to support and guide you through the process. The whole team love what we do at Entertainment Nation, and that is reflected in the service we provide to our clients.

Over years of building healthy rapport with trustworthy bands, musicians and entertainers, we now have a huge range of acts to choose from that cover all musical tastes.

Q. Tell us about how you cater to a different ranges of musical tastes.

A. Each enquiry is treated as a completely individual and unique case. Planning for a wedding, and the wedding itself, is such a personal experience that involves tons of hard work and (sometimes) a little stress. We understand this, so from the first point of contact we pair our clients up with a member of our knowledgeable team who will talk to them about what their exact requirements are and will provide options that are tailored to each specific need. We also give support and advice on what could work best for our clients if they’re not entirely sure what they’re after (there are so many options, it can be a little daunting at the best of times!).

Over years of building healthy rapport with trustworthy bands, musicians and entertainers, we now have a huge range of acts to choose from that cover all musical tastes. Combining our extensive roster with the help of our specialist Entertainment Advisors, we are now masters at finding the ideal act for any musical taste!

Q. What genres do you cover?

A. At Entertainment Nation you have an extremely widespread selection of genres to choose from. You name it, we will have a band or act that is suitable. From the ever-popular folk bands, pop, nostalgia, rock & roll, soul & Motown, funk and indie to solo acoustic singers, duos, pianists, string quartets – the list is endless. We even have freestyle footballers, magicians and singing waiters!

Wait & Sing

Q. How many acts do you have on your books?

A. I’ve lost count! ***pauses whilst rooting through the database*** – We have over 700 acts currently, with more than 20 applications per week from new acts. It sure is a lot, we strive to provide the best service possible for clients whilst building healthy relationships with our acts. We’ve built up a solid reputation amongst the professional music industry for being a ‘go-to-agency’ for world-class wedding entertainers.

Q. Can you give us some advice re different acts for different parts of the wedding day? i.e. ceremony/reception/evening.

A. It really does depend on the individual. Some people prefer an instrumentalist for the daytime with a chilled folk-inspired harmony band for the evening. Others favour an acoustic act for the ceremony, a magician for the wedding breakfast and for the evening a full band grand finale that will have crowds rushing to the dancefloor!

The best bit of advice we can give for couples who are planning to book their wedding entertainment, is to take a good look at the bands you’re interested in and check out what add on options are on offer. If you’re after some acoustic music throughout the day, with a full band in the evening and a DJ service as well, many bands (but not all) offer the complete package, which could save you hundreds compared to if you booked individually. Talk to our team too, as they are really helpful and have great knowledge on what each band can offer you.

Q. How do you find new acts? And how do you know they’re worthy of being promoted by Entertainment Nation?

A. When operating a successful agency like Entertainment Nation, the hard work never stops. Right from the start the goal was to produce only the best live entertainment, and with that comes a lot of attention to detail and consistency in the selection process. The whole team work together in selecting the right applications and as mentioned earlier, we currently get about 20 applications a week from acts who want to be part of Entertainment Nation – it’s a big job that is really important to us.

We check their performances, show reels and reviews and are very picky with who we accept. Even after the selection process it doesn’t stop there. We have an in depth and thorough procedure to get the band live on our site which requires dedicated communication from the acts, so by the time they ‘go live’ we are confident in their reliability and professionalism.

Q. As you may know, we run The Boat Shed, which is an alternative industrial space on a boat yard in Hampshire. Can you recommend some acts that you feel would be suited to the space? And tell us why?

A. We love The Boat Shed for so many reasons. Not only is the location superb being right on the docks, but the space you have created is unique and bursting with personality, which we’d say is perfect for one of our vintage style acts. For a full band outfit then I’d definitely recommend one of our amazing vintage rock & roll act such as The Fat Cats. They would go down a storm at your place with their authentic 50s sound that will have everyone up dancing, playing not only classics but also a collection of modern hits too!

The Fat Cats

Alternatively, an instrumental jazz outfit like Solstice Trio would be ideal on summer evenings whilst popping out to watch the sun set over the harbour, led by smooth sax and warm walking double bass – you can’t go wrong!

Q. Can you point us in the direction of maybe three of your acts you think are brilliant, so we can check them out?

The Lightmen – Festival Folk 3 Piece (entertainment-nation.co.uk/the-lightmen)
We have a great selection of extraordinary festival folk acts, which are hugely popular for weddings. It was really hard to choose a favourite but The Lightmen are truly phenomenal. They’ve mastered the perfect blend between warm acoustic-folk and LETS PARTY! Kicking off with toe-tapping favourites, but loud enough so you can catch up with your second cousin’s cousin (that you’ve never met), and then building the performance, until before you know it the dancefloor is packed and you’re singing your heart out like you never have before!

Dawson – 3 Piece 90s Influenced Party Band (entertainment-nation.co.uk/dawson)
If it’s nostalgia you’re after, then look no further. These guys take you on a rollercoaster ride of joyful teenage memories – with amazing versions of all your favourite 90s hits. From Backstreet’s Back right through to Livin’ La Vida Loca, you’re guaranteed to party like you’ve never done before.

Skyknights – 5 Piece Pop, Soul & Folk (entertainment-nation.co.uk/skyknights)
These guys know how to put the life and soul into any event! They are incredibly versatile musicians and can perform almost any genre, which is great for those who want a bit of everything. With a top-end saxophonist as part of their standard line-up and a repertoire which spans every decade, you’ll have all your guests talking about them for weeks after. They also offer an add on roaming set for the daytime and have options to increase the line up further by adding a professional keys player.

Q. What’s your top tip for anyone booking a band for their wedding?

A. If you can secure a band that provides as many all-inclusive services as possible, then do it. Look out for bands that also offer some form of DJ service as not only will it work out more cost effective, but there’ll be more room for guests on the day with only one set of equipment. Trust us it will run a lot smoother with an all-in-one package-based band/DJ service!

Oh and how could we forget the importance of using a super-awesome agency like Entertainment Nation, who can help you choose the perfect band for one of the most important and memorable days of your life!





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