Q&A With Freight Train Runners

If you’re looking for a wedding band in Hampshire you must check out Freight Train Runners. They’re amazing! The video at the bottom of the post is testament to their talent… and a brilliant first dance song choice.

Q. How long has Freight Train Runners been around?

A. We’ve been together since 2016.

Q. How did the band form? 

A. I put the band together myself by inviting musicians I had worked with previously to join. I wanted to start something with a fresh and different take on set list choices.

Q. What are your backgrounds? And do you all have your own individual businesses as solo artists?

A. Kurt and Ed are both full time working musicians with several other projects on the go. Brian also plays jazz, Will has lots of experience playing for other bands and I do a bit of session work and gigs with an acoustic set up too.

Q. Where does the band name come from?

A. Our band name came from looking at the lyrics from songs in our repertoire

Q. Where are you based and which local wedding venues do you frequent?

A. We are based in Basingstoke, Newbury and Bath. We often find ourselves at Oakley hall, Clock Barn, Bartons Mill, the Vineyard. (We play a lot of festival style weddings with lots of tipis in remote locations)

Q. How would you describe your style/what kind of music do you play?

A. We play a wide range of music in a festival-style. From 60s right through to current. Across all genres, predominantly rock/indie/folk/pop. With a line up of female vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, double bass and cajon drum, we offer a unique style and an eclectic range of music. We cover artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash… to more recent Mumford and Sons, Dua Lipa, and Calvin Harris, to name but a few.

Q. Can you give us some first dance top tips? i.e. advice for couples as to how to pick a song? Or your favourite songs you’ve played for first dances?

A. Our favourite song to play for a first dance is the classic and popular (for good reason) At Last by Etta James (see below video). We’re happy to learn a first dance with sufficient notice. It’s a great idea to choose a song that makes you both feel comfortable. It doesn’t always need to be a slow dance ! We have played upbeat songs for first dances on a lot of occasions.

Q. Do you props to make your set-up look a certain way?

A. No props, but we provide uplighting which really looks good and sets a lovely atmosphere.

Q. Who are your favourite artists? If you could see anyone perform, dead or alive, who would it be?

A. Jimi Hendrix , Stevie Ray Vaughan, Led Zeppelin, Sade, Foo Fighters,

Q. What does the future hold for FTR?

A. Future for us is to carry on playing loads of different gigs and new venues as we get on so well and have loads of fun playing together !


(See Freight Train Runners within our online directory for more videos)

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