Q&A with Hampshire Wedding Photographer Sarah Hoyle

Sarah Hoyle is a down-to-earth, nature-loving, wedding photographer from Hampshire. Natural, relaxed and honest photography is her thing… I caught up with her to dig a little deeper and find out what inspires her, and where her passions lie.

Q. Hi Sarah! Please tell us about your background and how you got into photography?

A. I was a teacher of Art and Photography for 12 years! I started my business alongside the teaching job when I went on maternity leave with my first child, then when I had my second I gave up teaching all together and dived into full time self employment. I’ve never looked back!

Q. What do you love about wedding photography?

A. Oh man, where do I start? Erm, ok I just love people in love! I adore capturing wedding days for my clients, knowing that they will have such special memories to look back on in years to come. The fact that I gave those to them makes my heart sing.

Q. When you’re not shooting weddings, what do you like to photograph?

A. I also shoot families and I offer brand shoots for small eco and sustainable brands.

Q. What inspires you? 

A. Kindness does. When I see small (or big) acts of kindness that are selfless and full of compassion, that inspires me. I am always working on myself to ensure I can be the best person I can be. So seeing others do the same and be kind to themselves and others really motivates and inspires me.

Q. What would the perfect (non-working) weekend look like to you?

A. Being surrounded by good friends, family, great food, wine and just chilling and laughing. I would love to rent a villa in the Italian mountains and have everyone stay with us, perhaps with a personal chef too!

Q. How would you describe your photography style?

A. Very relaxed! Organic, honest and joyful. My editing style is earthy, warm and natural.

Q. Who’s your ideal client? i.e. describe the style of wedding you love to shoot.

A. I love a barn wedding! Anything that embraces nature, fun and connection. I am also a HUGE lover of details, so when the invites, signage, flowers etc have all be well considered and designed, that makes me so happy. It appeals to my visual personality type.

Q. What’s your favourite part of a wedding?

A. I love the speeches! Always rife with emotion. I also adore doing couple portraits at golden hour. That light! Nothing can beat it.

Q. To you, what makes a good photo?

A. One that captures the true essence and emotion of a moment.

Q. What does the future hold for Sarah Hoyle Photography?

A. Well…I have several things up my sleeve! I rebranded last year so am continuing to grow a new client base that reflects my love of everything sustainable and eco.

I also have a support group for wedding industry mums on Facebook as I’m a huge believer in women coming together and empowering and supporting each other. I am an advocate for looking after your mental health and self care so I give lots of tips and support in this group. I am hoping it will grow into something really special. I have ideas for styled workshops for other photographers and also retreats and online courses for the mums group. Lots of exciting things to get my teeth into this year and next! Here is my group: www.facebook.com/groups/weddingindustrymums

To find out more about Sarah please go to her website www.sarahhoylephotography.co.uk

Also, take a look at the Eco Folksy Bridal Shoot we featured recently. The shoot was coordinated by Sarah to portray the values of her brand.


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