Q&A with Tarryn du Plessis Photography

Today we have the pleasure of getting to know Hampshire-based photographer Tarryn du Plessis. We find out about her African heritage, how she’s inspired by everyday life and how she loves to capture an emotional story through her wedding photography…

Q. Please tell us about when your love affair with photography started.

A. While growing up my family would spend each Christmas travelling throughout Africa. During one trip to Namibia I climbed onto the roof of my father’s Land Rover and took a photo of the sunset. It was the most beautiful blend of pinks, oranges and blues. This was captured with a film camera and only once it was developed did I realise how I had captured that special moment, I knew then that photography was what I wanted to do. To this day I still have that printed photo.

Q. What do you love about photographing weddings?

A. For me it is all about the details. After planning my own wedding I know how much work goes into making sure every detail is perfect, and by telling a story about your special day with my images those small details are what really brings the story together.

Q. What would be your dream wedding to photograph?

A. It’s the style and atmosphere of a wedding that really gets my attention, more so than the venue itself. I love rustic and relaxed settings, where the couple can just be themselves and enjoy their day.

Q. You describe yourself as ‘a lover of life and laughter, the storyteller of everyday moments, the one who sees beauty in everyday life’. I love that, and I feel the same way. Can you give us some examples of everyday moments you find beautiful?

A. Well, that’s a funny story actually, I wrote that piece with the line ‘sees the beauty in your back garden’ and not ‘everyday life’ and my husband thought I was crazy to use that phrase. But the truth is I really do see the beauty in your back garden. I literally walk around town and am most inspired by brick walls and paint stripped wood fencing. I often think to myself, how could I get a bride here and include that wall in the shots.

I love to include everyday life in my images..

Q. What does the perfect weekend look like to you (a non-working weekend! Which I appreciate may be a rarity)?

A. It definitely starts off with a Cabernet Sauvignon, and if the suns out it will probably include a braai (BBQ for non-SA readers), although a little rain has never stopped us before.

But generally, I enjoy just being with my family and we’re either out walking the dogs or cycling in the woods.

Q. How would you describe your photography style in three words?

A. Artistic, thoughtful, alternative.

It is said that when you are born in Africa, Africa is also born in you.

Q. Why would a couple choose you as their photographer?

A. I feel I’m quite an empathetic person and try to capture the emotions of the day in my images. I really want you to be able to relive that moment when you look back at your photographs.

Q. What are your favourite parts of a wedding to photograph?

A. This would be the couple shoot after the ceremony. The atmosphere is so much more relaxed and the bride and groom are giddy at finally being husband and wife, those feelings can really show in a photograph.

Q. What, to you, makes a good photograph?

A. I love looking at things from a different perspective so if I can take a picture that’s not the norm, with a different composition style, throw in some awesome backgrounds, I’m a happy girl.

Q. What, apart from weddings, do you love to photograph?

A. I also enjoy family photography. I have a shoebox full of old family photos and they are so precious to me. I would love for other families to have those same special memories as well.



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