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My business started out as a ‘vintage’ wedding business. It started with a single vintage china side plate and grew to a huge hire collection. The business was called Doily Days back then. I did other things but ‘vintage’ was always the theme holding it together. Two years ago when I rebranded to Margot’s Wedding, the idea was the business would become… well, less vintage. We’d evolved and we wanted the brand to represent that. For me, even at the beginning it wasn’t about being vintage as such, I was never a vintage aficionado. It was just about adding elements to events that were unique, attractive and emotional. I find it so hard to articulate. I guess I’m a pretty emotional person and nostalgia really gets me… but in my opinion, nostalgia doesn’t have to mean vintage. I can feel nostalgic, and warmhearted looking at photos from last year! For me, it’s about good times, celebration, and mixing/matching things you love to create a memorable, personal party. And I’m not just talking about aesthetics, but covering ALL the senses, so as well as colour/pattern/textures etc, great food/drink and music. Choosing elements because you love them and they mean something to you, not because you’ve seen it on a wedding blog. Whether that’s a playlist consisting of mainly 80s power ballads, or food you’ve chosen because it’s what you ate on your first date. Who cares about being hip, trendy and magazine-worthy? BUT if you happen to love what’s currently en trend, that’s okay!

Above photos: throwback to Doily Days!

If we are talking vintage, I love the furniture and music from the 60s and 70s (love me a bit of Ercol and G-Plan with a heavy dose of Elton John), and I have a soft spot for the pastel colours and jazzy patterns of the soft furnishings in the 80s (who’s been watching White House Farm?)

I do think you need a certain level of cohesion, even if you’re going for an eclectic mash up (to avoid your wedding looking like a jumble sale) and that’s why I love companies like The Vintage House That Could, Hire Love and Harriet’s Table. They all offer modern takes on vintage. They work with a clients vision and mix and match tableware, linen, furniture and props to create something that is stylish, timeless, edgy and arty.

Above photos: Hire Love

Below photos: Harriet’s Table

Most Curious in London is taking place in a few weeks, I’m looking forward to visiting this year. I like the theme of the show – Florality & Patternity. Think clashing colours and patterns. Chintzy floral overload. More is more.

Above photos: Esther Bellepoque

I’ve never been a minimalist in my interior style or my fashion taste, I’m like a magpie when it comes to cushions, kitchenware, furniture and clothes. Basically if I like it, I like it, and somehow it all works together. Nothing matches but everything goes.

This recent article written by Katie from The Vintage House that Could is a great one to refer to at this point, if you follow her on social media you’ll know that her style when it comes to weddings is basically an extension of her interior style and personality (photos below).

Check out Most Curious’ current trend predictions, it’s an interesting read. I’m in love with the 70s dessert trolley idea. I said I wasn’t into following trends didn’t I? But if 70s dessert trolleys are making a comeback, i’m in. I threw myself a 70s themed party for my 40th birthday before Christmas. I didn’t think of a 70s dessert trolley to be honest, my sister made me an amazing cake though. Watch this space for potential 70s-themed supper clubs near me in Hampshire. An idea for a hen party perhaps? I’m definitely one for a bit of novelty and fun when it comes to events.

Above photos: Teddy Pig Photography

To summarise – I’m sorry/not sorry for my ongoing love for vintage/retro elements… and how many times can nostalgia make a come back?

By Helen Ruff

Editor, Margot’s Wedding

(Below photos of the good ‘ole Doily Days)

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