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November 25, 2015 | News

Our in-house fashionista, Lottie Emerson, catches up with bridal designer Rosemary Jane Carne…

For the majority of us women we dream about our perfect day. We think about the weather, the food, the late cancellations, the dress and of course the groom. We live in a dream world when it comes to our wonderful white dress, however there is a lady who makes those dreams into reality. Her name is Rosemary Jane Carne. A wedding dress designer who is inspired by 19th century fashion. A woman taught by her mother to read a butterick pattern when she was young. She says ‘During my first year of university I came up with my business idea and company name and here I am 10 years on’. 

Lace and sparkles are signature for Rosemary’s designs along with her classic strapless bodice which is based on an 1860’s corset. Historical fashion is also a key element, she says ‘I especially love Charles James for his sculptural shapes and the 1940’s Dior ‘New Look’ for Glamour’.

When it comes to the process behind the dress, the bride has a huge impact and Rosemary and the bride-to-be input their ideas together to create a bespoke dress made for one woman only. However when it comes to designing and making a dress without a bride, the process can be a bit more organic, Rosemary says ‘I have started dresses before with one idea in mind and sometimes a completely different design develops instead’.

When I asked Rosemary how she worked best she said ‘With plenty of tea and the occasional chocolate biscuit! I find playing with fabric and the mannequin is really constructive. I’ll often get my friends to try on dresses as a design develops so I can see how it will move and hang on a real body.’ Rosemary creates stunning pieces by experimenting with the fabrics and having fun, playing around and seeing what feels and looks right. When it comes to the time it takes Rosemary to make and complete a garment, she said ‘It varies, my average collection dresses take between 15 and 30 hours, while I have had some bespoke designs which have taken 60 hours’. Even though that is a long process, Rosemary said one of the best moments is when she has built up a relationship with the bride in that amount of time. “Brides you’ve built up close relationships with send you photos of their big day. It never fails to make me smile”.

When I asked her about her competitors and what makes her different she said “My attention to detail and quality fabrics. I will always use silk and not polyester. My garments are not off the peg, I like to think they are sculptured and not manufactured. I also put a blue polka dot button in every dress so brides will always have something blue.”

No matter the concept or theme from a bride, Rosemary Carne has the talent to design, create and build it, to send a woman back into her dreams and it be the reality.

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