Rubbish Portraits by Lucie Sheridan

Rubbish Portraits is a live art installation, the brainchild of Bristol-based illustrator Lucie Sheridan.

Lucie’s unique booth can be erected anywhere to offer quick, while-you-sit, brush and ink portraits.

Full disclosure from the get-go… these portraits aren’t rubbish! They’re simple, charming, and quirky. Your guests will love them and treasure them forever, and I for one have fallen hook line and sinker for the concept.

I believe, at a wedding, you need a little ‘something’ to entertain your guests. You just do, the thousands you’ve spent on food and flowers just doesn’t cut it these days, sorry. You need something to stop your guests nodding off in a Prosecco/canape-fuelled haze.

You’re no doubt familiar with the wedding photo booth. We’ve all been there, puffing on an inflatable trumpet while juggling a moustache on a stick as someone holds a ‘Me Next’ sign above our heads. It gives you something to do, something to bring a smile to your face, and it spits out a memento to take home and stick to your fridge. This is a much cooler, more unique version of that.

Lucie’s trademark freehand style is bursting with characteristic wit and charm. Impressively her commercial work has been commissioned by such clients as The Guardian, The Sunday Times, Penguin Books, Conran Design, Heals and Habitat.

Lucie describes herself as an artist, a people observer, and a listener. She’s certainly brought all her talents and passions together in the Rubbish Portraits concept. “My Booth has been labelled a “confessions box” because of its intimate space and non-judgy artist vibes” says Lucie “People tell me their secrets, and I keep them.”

The portraits take just three minutes to paint. “I don’t hang about” explains Lucie “unless of course the conversation is juicy…”

The finished work of art is presented to your guests in a fancy envelope. A memory of the good time they had at your wedding. We think they might frame them.

If you love this concept you can purchase your own Rubbish Portrait online LIVE via zoom or from a photograph. It could in fact be a lovely wedding or engagement gift. She does pets too!

Just remember…no smiling, please.

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