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Shoe Shine

September 26, 2018 | News

Will you be opting for heels or flats? Modern or vintage-inspired? Will you be changing your footwear to hit the dance floor? Decision, decisions…

Here’s a selection of our editor’s favourite styles:

Above from left: ‘Chelsea’ by Pearl & Stud (featured in ivory satin), ‘Blonde’ sandal by Charlotte Mills (available in gold, rose gold and silver) and ‘Starlight’ trainers in ivory and blush by Rachel Simpson.

Above from left: ‘April Ivory’ by Charlotte Mills, ‘Courtney Pink’ by Freya Rose and ‘Jasmine’ by Emmy London.

Above from left: ‘Ealing’ by Pearl & Stud, ‘Besina’ by Freya Rose and ‘Cinderella Block’ by Emmy London.

Featured image: ‘Mimosa’ (available in blue, ivory, mint, quartz and rose gold) by Rachel Simpson.






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