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June 18, 2018 | News

Softer. Timeless. One-off pieces of art. 

Joanna Brown trained in photography when digital was not invented so it’s really at the heart of where she learnt her craft.  She’s been shooting weddings for seven years and has always taken film cameras along. She uses 2 x 35mm cameras with black and white and colour film in each, a couple of Polaroids and a Diana camera. “I tend to use the 35mm for documentary” Joanna explains “and then the others for the more static times of the day like portraiture and detail shots”.  At the moment Joanna is shooting film as a second shooter, working in addition to a digital shooter. “Images shot on film are completely different to digital photographs” says Joanna, “they are softer, more timeless, one-off pieces of art”. “It’s less about delivering hundreds of images, and it being a quieter, more artistic viewpoint of the day”. 

Post wedding, the lab processes and scans the film so it comes back as digital files but Joanna delivers prints to her couples as that’s the nature of the medium. She tells us she’s ready to shoot a whole wedding on film, stand-alone, something she’s wanted to do for a long time. “It would have to really be a small summer wedding” explains Joanna, “and preferably a city wedding too as it really fits the grittier look and feel of film”. 

For more examples of Joanna’s work, and to get in touch please visit 

This article originally featured in issue 9.



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