Six Top Barn Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Barn weddings are a popular choice, allowing you to take on a space as your own and apply an intimate, rustic theme. Once you’ve got your decorations, your lighting, your catering, and everything else sorted, it’s time to spare a thought for your entertainment.

Getting the entertainment spot on can massively enhance your dream barn wedding. Thankfully, barn weddings offer such a broad appeal, that your choices for fitting entertainment are pretty broad.

Below, we’ve picked our six top barn wedding entertainment ideas to help get you started.

Acoustic and folk style bands

Our top pick for a lively barn wedding would be an acoustic folk style band. Their Mumford & Sons, festival-style energy is the perfect way to get everybody up on the dance floor and stomping their feet.

Additionally, any decent folk band will likely come suited and booted in the appropriately tweedy clothing, to not only sound the part but look it too.

Bands such as The Wildermen and the Penny Kings do this perfectly, making use of acoustic instruments to create a rustic, room-filling sound.

Acoustic Duos

Acoustic duos provide a slightly more intimate feel than full bands, and occasionally, a broader repertoire, including everything from country and folk, to rock and pop.

Two-person teams of talented performers might suit you if you’re looking to create a smaller-scale feeling to your barn wedding.

Perhaps the strongest feature of acoustic duos though, is their flexibility, with the ability to shift from mellow background audio, to dance floor-pounding energy.

Again, the use of acoustic instruments avoids breaking the classic feel of a barn wedding, something which duos such as The Peaky Blinders Duo and Ocean Rain manage fantastically.

Brass Bands

A more unique choice, brass bands make for a surprisingly fitting accompaniment to rustic barn theme.

Utilising big-impact brass instruments and melodies, brass bands will provide you with vintage-feeling and memorable wedding entertainment.

Brass bands create a big party feel, often with big line-ups and massive instruments, as well as expansive repertoires that cover everything from jazz classics to stylised adaptations of modern hits.

Bands that excel at this are Brass Pack and Back To Brass, both available UK-wide.

Vintage Style Bands

It’d be hard to cover barn wedding entertainment ideas without mentioning vintage style bands. These themed groups are comprised of talented musicians and singers, creating a visual and audio effect that fits perfectly with rustic barn themes.

Performing everything from rock ‘n’ roll classics from the likes of Elvis, through to modern hits with a vintage spin.

Regardless of genre, these bands deliver high-energy performances that’ll leave your seats empty and the dance floor full.

Some of the UK’s best vintage style bands include Roxy Jukebox and The Fat Cats.

Acoustic Solo

Acoustic solo acts make use of fittingly rustic instruments to create a near-unrivalled level of intimate performances.

Perfect for the more low-key elements of your special day, acoustic solo performers will create a fittingly rustic atmosphere with little more than some strings and a voice.

Most acoustic solo performers are almost infinitely flexible, with huge repertoires allowing for something for everyone.

Acoustic Nick and Ben Lockwood are some of the UK’s best at this, ideal for barn wedding entertainment.

String Quartets

For a more classical feel, a string quartet performance can bring a touch of sophistication to a barn wedding theme.

Acoustic, classical instruments will create the perfect backdrop to the most sincere portions of your wedding day, while holding true to your rustic ideal.

String quartets will also often feature more than just classical tunes in their repertoire, with most performing covers of pop, jazz, and rock hits.

Sky String Quartet and Flower Quartet are some of the best in the UK at aiding this atmosphere.

Barn weddings provide a breadth of musical choice, for different aspects of your wedding too. From thumping festival folk to sophisticated string quartets, there’s rustic wedding entertainment to suit everyone’s taste.

To view all of the options and acts mentioned above, head over to Entertainment Nation ( today and make your enquiry.


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