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Snappy Dresser – A Groom’s Guide to Dressing for the Occasion

November 2, 2018 | News

Extracted from our current issue, this expert advice feature was contributed by the dapper folk at Gresham Blake

The groom should always be the best dressed male to the party. Your choice of suit will depend on several important factors: the time of year, the venue and whether you want to wear your suit again.

The Traditional City Wedding

A traditional wedding demands a crisp and sharp tailored three-piece-suit. Made from Mohair or worsted wool in a dark palette such as French navy, midnight or charcoal. Don’t wear black (it’s not a funeral) unless you’re required to wear a morning suit. Double breasted suits or a sleek peak double breasted lapel will command authority and make you stand out against all the other suits in the room. A double cuff shirt and crisp classic tie will complete the look. This is not the occasion for lairy linings or comic ties. Keep it clean and classic

The Beach Wedding

As a rule of thumb stick to natural cloths such as cotton and linen. These will feel cooler and more in-keeping with a relaxed setting. Natural tones such as whites, creams, beiges and baby blues will look consistent with your surroundings i.e. the sea, sand and sky. Cotton shorts with a turn up, a smart belt to match your loafers and a baby blue shirt will probably suffice. If you want to look crisp avoid linen unless it is blended with some mohair or wool. Linen can also stretch so if you like your garments ultra-tailored steer clear. If you need to wear a jacket keep it half lined and light and not too fitted to allow the air to circulate.

The Country Wedding

Possibly the easiest wedding to dress for. The key is to make sure you’re not overdressed for a barn, marquee or village hall.  You can mix and match layers, textures, tweed and tartans to your heart’s content. This is an easy look if you want to wear it all again as separates. Earthly browns, greens and blues are a must, always with a brown shoe. A waistcoat with a lapel and a knitted tie give a dimensionally dressy look without looking fussy and over the top. Keep the textures matte and finish with a pocket watch.  A three-piece matching tweed suit will have you standing out as quite the dandy.

Written by Nathalie May, Head of Tailoring for Gresham Blake.




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