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Special Issue ~ Out 24th January!!

November 27, 2018 | News


Back in 2016, as a solution to my maternity leave, we brought out a special issue. It was issue seven and we were still Doily Days back then. Ahhhh the memories! I’m super proud of issue seven; it was 132 pages with a lovely PUR bind and it comprised the best content from our first five issues.

Since then everything has changed; the design is different, we’ve had a re-brand, got a new name and we now print on a rustic uncoated paper stock.

This year I decided it was time for another special issue. An opportunity to bring together the best content from issues 8-12 (i.e. since the design/paper stock changed). It will be the same number of pages as issue seven (132), the same bind and, like issue seven, as well as previous content we’ll be including some brand new, fresh editorial features.

Above photos by Photography by Paloma. ‘Lets Dance’ light by Neon & Blush and menswear by Dapper & Suave.

Always on the look out for ways to change and improve, I decided that this time I’d investigate getting a barcode and going into the shops. I started by getting my ISSN number from the British Library. That’s the number you need in order to create the artwork for a barcode. Then I spoke to a few distributors before settling on one to work with. They’ve been super helpful and patient with me. It feels a bit like when I first started the magazine and I didn’t know anything about printers. It seems like a crazy complicated process getting everything in place but when it’s done it’s done… and we’re getting there!

I wanted to keep the magazine local. I believe that’s our USP. There are cool wedding magazines available in the shops but they’re national. So a bride may see an advertiser they’re interested in but find out they’re based at the other end of the country. Our magazine is distributed within Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey… and that’s the way it’s always been (oh, we had a brief fling with Kent for a time).

From 24th January you’ll be able to find our special issue in WH Smith stores within our distribution area, as well as Martins newsagents, independent newsagents and shops and we’ll be selling copies online. The special issue is priced at £4.95.

From next year we’re increasing our frequency to quarterly so issue 14 will be out in April, issue 15 in July and issue 16 in October. A ‘normal’ issue will be available to buy for £3.95.

Anyone interested in stocking the magazine, please contact me for wholesale prices.

Suppliers interested in advertising please contact me for a media pack (we’re only selling full page adverts in the special issue, it includes an online directory listing and blog post).

Brides interested in ordering our last special issue we still have (very limited) copies remaining. They’re available to order by clicking here (and we’ll include free copies of our last two issues).

Over and out!

Helen x

Featured photo of our last special issue (with AMAZING rainbow cake) is by Hana Laurie.

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