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Stress-free morning prep

April 18, 2019 | News

We hand over to London-based bridal makeup artist Alyse Baker today, to offer her advice on the topic of stress-free wedding mornings…

Your big day is coming, you’ve spent months planning every detail. As a professional makeup artist I’ve been part of A LOT of bride’s mornings! Here are a few planning tips to make sure things flow smoothly, for your whole bride tribe, on the morning of your wedding.

Try out your full beauty look before the big day

A quick online search and you’re inundated with bridal beauty images, it can be hard to know where to start, or what will suit you. I recommend finding two or three looks you absolutely love, these looks can then be tailored to fit your features and the style of your event.

Scheduling a hair and makeup trial means you can sit back and enjoy your morning, confident you’ll end up with your desired look.

Take care with wedding morning prep

In the weeks leading up to your wedding, look after your skin but don’t change your routine. A last minute sheet mask could potentially wreak havoc if your skin doesn’t agree.

If trying out a new product, make sure to do so at least two weeks prior to your big day to avoid any issues. On your wedding morning, arrive with no makeup and clean, dry hair so your beauty specialists have a fresh canvas to get started on.

Be willing to start early and leave some extra time 

Large bridal parties and early ceremonies can be tough on your morning timeline. Getting started early can be hard but making sure there is enough time for you and your bridal party to get ready is essential to enjoying your morning.

An early ceremony generally means an early start, but booking a separate makeup artist and hairstylist mean you get ready in half the time… which means more beauty sleep ahead of a very busy day! Talk with your beauty specialists so they can advise as to your schedule, and don’t forget to factor in 30 minutes to get your dress on, take some pictures and have a last minute toast with your bride tribe.

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