Styled Shoot – The Boat Shed @ Salt

If you haven’t heard about my new venue project you must have been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks… but in case you haven’t, here’s the news. I’m working with the owners of Wicor Marine in Portchester, Hampshire to open their boat shed for weddings. I’ve been shouting about The Boat Shed project from the rooftops on Facebook and Instagram and have announced we’re launching with a wedding fair on 8th March 2020. And holy moly has there been a lot of interest in the fair! A week after announcing the date we’re two thirds full.

The guys at the boat yard are busy clearing, building and painting ready for the launch, and I’m busy working on a marketing plan, a sales brochure and my bar… yes that’s right, I’m going to be coordinating all the wedding at The Boat Shed and running the bar! It’s a blank canvas space so there’s the option to DIY, or I’m available for full or partial planning, or simply on the day management. I’ve been getting carried away on Pinterest this week getting ideas for the bar design. I’m currently quite taken with millennial pink corrugated iron, with some neon signage. Watch this space!

Anyway… the shoot! This shoot at the boat yard happened in June, shortly after myself and the owners had agreed to work together on this project. I couldn’t wait to get started but I knew I needed photos before I could do anything. Organising a shoot on a Saturday in peak wedding season was no mean feat but where there’s a will there’s a way and all that. I enlisted the help of my best friend Ellie and her partner Tom as our models. Ellie and I have been best friends for 20 years, we lived together at uni. Her and Tom aren’t married (come on Tom, boat shed wedding!) so this was all a crazy experience for them. They loved it! And I was grateful for them helping me out. Ellie’s slight frame was perfect for the delicate, handmade Antique Lace Dresses. Tom brought his own suit and was furnished with a buttonhole from Bloomin Clares who also provided the bouquet and delicate flower crown. Hair and makeup was by Ashley Odey. I didn’t want any props or anything because I knew we’d be on the move to showcase the amazing location and facilities as much as possible. We shot on the shore outside the cafe, along the jetty, inside the boat shed, on Amble the wooden sailing yacht (available to book and stay on via Airbnb) and inside and outside the cabin (also available to book on Airbnb).

Sam Pharoah was our photographer on the day and she was great, running up and down the jetty, lying on the floor and being a general good sport.

The boat shed was in its rustic state, this was before the work began, so you kind of need to use your imagination. When it’s done it will still be rough and rustic because that’s the beauty of a venue like this… we’re imagining long trestle tables, wild flowers and strings of colourful festoon lighting. It’s going to be simply amazing and I can’t wait to meet with couples who understand our vision. Bring on a busy 2020 and beyond!

You can read more about the boat shed in our recent post. We already have our first booking, local singer Amy Baker and her fiance Sam are planning an awesome alternative day in The Boat Shed in July. You can read about their plans on pages 18 and 19 of our current issue.

As you can imagine, I’m super excited!

Helen x

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