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August 3, 2018 | News

Over recent years, as we all know, couples are taking their day into their own hands… like it should be! Out with the stiff traditions, couples are now opting for a more natural and relaxed feel; for their flowers, their cake and also for their furniture. Purple Door Props offer a range of unique and eclectic furniture and large props for hire with over 300 mismatched chairs in a variety of colours and styles, so there’s something for everyone.

There’s so much you have to organise when it comes to planning your wedding and one thing that you might not consider initially are practical items like furniture. You can guarantee that at your wedding your guests will need somewhere to sit! And if your venue doesn’t supply chairs then they will be a necessary expense you’ll have to budget for. There are lots of standard event chairs available for hire, but there are other, more unique options that will give your wedding that extra special touch!

Purple Door Props have three main ranges of mismatched chairs:

Above left: The Colourful Range, The Tithe Barn, Bradford on Avon.

Middle: The Greys and Whites, Leela Bennett Photography, White Space, Alresford,

Right: The Woodens, Angela Ward Brown Photography, Hill Place, Hampshire

It’s like a pick and mix chair shop! You can hand select the colours that best suits you and your style. “We do tend to get the more creative couples coming to us” explains Purple Door Props Director Vicky Woodling “and it’s wonderful to see how they select their furniture – it becomes a major part of the décor so why not have fun with it? The possibilities are endless”.

Here are a few examples of different styling Purple Door Props have seen:

Similar shades and colours – If you’ve got a colour palette throughout your wedding, you can incorporate it into the furniture with similar shades and colours in the chairs. Overall they blend together well, like they are all the same, but different!

Classic and vintage feel with ‘the woodens’ – a large selection of the wooden chairs have been left in their natural state, some very old with a story or two to tell! They can really add that extra romantic feel to any ceremony setup or, in a different setting, like a barn, they generate that delightful farmhouse kitchen atmosphere. Or a more cool rustic vibe in a blank canvas venue like The Barn at Avington.

Above left: Angela Ward Brown Photography, The Barn at Avington. Above right: Nisha Haq Photography, Houghton Lodge Gardens, Hampshire. 

Colour Pop! – If you have a certain colour you are using within your flowers for example, why not bring it in to the furniture too? Have the majority of chairs a neutral colour then add a pop of another colour to generate some interest! Or maybe have two striking colours that complement each other.

Above left: Tevi V Photography. Above right: Leela Bennett Photography.

All out all different – Some couples want an all out colourful wedding so go with an eclectic mix of all the colours!  These certainly become a feature and really add to the fun vibe of the day.

Above left: Chris Barber Photography, Horsebridge Station, Hampshire

The beauty about having mismatched chairs at a wedding is that you can select certain chairs for certain guests. How about having a few bright ones for the children? And Purple Door Props have a selection of more sturdy and comfortable chairs with arms for your elderly guests. You can make sure everyone is happy! The Bride and Groom can pick which chair they would like, perhaps something a little more grand?

Cool Wedding Furniture
Teri V Photography

As well as the mismatched chairs, which they’re forever adding to, Purple Door Props also offer rustic cross back chairs, rustic trestle tables, smaller side tables, free-standing doors, arches and bespoke wooden signage.

I hope this has inspired you to think differently about your wedding furniture. Please do get in touch if you would like to know more. Follow Purple Door Props on Instagram and Facebook for lots of chair pics, and Pinterest for a wealth of furniture styling inspiration.

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