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Supplier Spotlight ~ Aurum Jewellers

April 23, 2018 | News

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, especially when they are made bespoke for your wedding day! One of the hottest trends in engagement rings over the last few years has been vintage-style engagement rings. Especially if you are an awesome couple looking to make an oh-so-fabulous statement. There are so many styles to choose from, whether it be Victorian, Edwardian or even Art Deco & Retro. Personally I’m a lover of 1920’s Art Deco rings…. reminds me of Great Gatsby parties, totally a favourite era of mine!

Not thought about a bespoke engagement or wedding ring before? Imagine a ring created especially to sit with the shape of your engagement ring… If it’s custom made you want, Aurum Jewellers are your experts.

Based in Worthing, Aurum Jewellers began back in 1985, so they have years of experience when it comes to jewellery. Their highly skilled craftsmen are experts at producing contemporary jewellery in platinum, gold and palladiam. Andrew Leggett, the owner of Aurum Jewellers, has spent his entire working life in fine jewellery.

It might sound like more work than buying from a normal high-street retailer, but they will guide you through the design process making it very easy to produce your ideal wedding ring.

How does it work?

~ Aurum Jewellers offer an initial consultation. If you’re not too sure what you would like, do not worry, their experts can give you some great advice on what might work well with your engagement ring.

~ If you need them to supply diamonds or other stones, they work with their trusted sources to give you the best options.

~ You are provided with ideas and a no-obligation quote.

~ When you are ready to order they simply take a 25% deposit of the total.

Have a vintage family-owned diamond or other precious stone? Perhaps you’ve inherited some family jewellery that is sitting in a box in your wardrobe? Why not use Aurumn Jewellers re-modelling service? They’ll work closely with you to create a brand new piece of jewellery that’s 100% bespoke and personal. They often get clients bringing in a bag of bits and pieces… these can be turned into treasured gems and given a new lease of life!

If you want to see more of what Aurum Jewellers do, be sure to find them at one of your local wedding fairs and say hello! Follow them on Facebook for their latest event dates and where they will be attending.

To contact the jewellery experts direct, simply email

Written by Illy Goodall, planner and co-ordinator at Illy Elizabeth Weddings.

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