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Supplier Spotlight ~ LuvShifting

December 21, 2018 | News

Bespoke Wedding Fabric Inspired by Nature.

It’s the detail that counts at a wedding and what better way to coordinate the entire wedding party than having a unique fabric designed for you?

The team at LuvShifting use a photo of your proposed flowers to create a design. They then print onto the best quality silk and make into garments such as ties, pocket squares, maids sashes, kimonos and more! How about scarves or kimonos as gifts for the bridal party? It’s such a unique and thoughtful idea, the perfect lasting memory of your special day.

The Luvshifting team are married couple, Tim and Nia Hobbs. They formed Luvshifting in 2015 to share their creative passions and talents in fashion, flowers and design. Tim uses his artistic ability and knowledge of fashion to create the stories behind Luvshifting’s collections. He has a fashion degree from Southampton Solent and has studied at London School of Fashion. Nia is a reputable florist with over 30 years experience. She has been involved in Royal Horticulture flower shows and large-scale events on numerous occasions, and has worked for two of London’s largest department stores.

The name ‘LuvShifting’ comes from Nia and Tim’s love of change; the seasons, trends, life… shifting.

“Our collections begin by asking fascinating questions and developing an installation that inspires our creations” explains Nia. “All our collections are interested in the tensions between technology and nature; the juxtaposition of superficial versus natural.”

Tim and Nia are currently developing ideas based on air movement and vibration and its effect on plants. They’ve built a large terrarium filled with plants. The photographs of this will become the starting point for their next print design.

Please get in touch if you’d like to have a design made from your wedding flowers, they can make designs retrospectively too!

07818 415 156




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