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Supplier Spotlight ~ Pink Pineapple Events

November 14, 2018 | News

Some things in the wedding industry have been around for yonks and I can’t see them going anywhere soon. Giant light up letters are one of these things. I think the reason for this is they’re so… versatile. They wear different hats during the reception; the look pretty, they add light, they offer a great photo opportunity and they’re a talking point.

Pink Pineapple Events hire their giant LOVE lights and they also offer a bespoke service where they can hand-make any letter or number. I like LOVE letters but I prefer getting a bit creative and imaginative with the words. Maybe KISS? Or SMILE? At a wedding fair I did last year we had LOVE ISLAND (it was in Portsmouth okay… it’s an island!)

Wedding Lights Props

Pink Pineapple’s lights offer a multi-colour plus static, single colour option which is great for fitting into colour themes. The bulbs are fairground-style LED bulbs which give them a classic retro feel. They were a great addition to Margot’s Wedding Fair at the Worthing Dome in September. The venue is right on the seafront and opposite the pier/amusements so the fairground-style lights worked perfectly. They’re joining us again at our fair on 27th January!

Juliette Comer and her husband are the team behind Pink Pineapple. Juliette looks after sales and marketing while her husband works on set-ups, maintenance etc.

I have always been fascinated by weddings, having thoroughly enjoyed planning my own and never get bored hearing people’s plans for their special day. Wedding dresses, colour schemes, music, food – I love it all! So it’s lovely being involved in it as a job – Juliette, Pink Pineapple Events

The couple have three children and Juliette’s job as a part time teaching assistant means she has time in the summer for weddings galore.

Their plan is to grow over time and they’re keeping an eye on current trends with a view to investing in more hire equipment for weddings. I love their idea for Little Wedding Crashers. Mini tents for sleeping bambinos… when it all gets too much. Awwww!

Check out their Facebook page for more info

Photos by Sam Pharoah

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