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Supplier Spotlight – Queen Bees

March 7, 2019 | News

Today we hand over to Allison from Queen Bees to answer the question on everyone’s lips, are they macarons or macaroons?…

I must have had this asked hundreds of times! Although officially they’re ‘French Macarons’ I don’t actually mind what you call them. Being a Geordie, now in the South of England, I quite like calling them macaroons as my pronunciation makes it more fun to say if I stress my northern accent. Regardless of their name, they are little delights of yumminess.

I’m Allison and I own and run Queen Bees. I’ve learnt how to make macarons by practice, practice and more practice. Blood, sweat and tears. They are tricky little things to master, but when you perfect them it is great. Macaron baking can be temperamental; the weather, your eggs, how many times you’ve stirred/folded the macaronage, your oven temperature, air bubbles, your setting/drying time, all play a part in the success or failure of a batch.

Over recent years the colour and flavour combinations requested by our clients keeps the making of Queen Bees macarons fresh and interesting. Macarons come in all colours and flavours and sometimes shapes and sizes.

For your wedding or event I can make whatever colour and flavour combinations you want. So if you want a blush pink macaron that tastes of lemon, with a grey pistachio flavoured macaron in a clear favour box with a green ribbon, that’s fine!!

The most popular products for weddings are towers and clear boxed favours as these display your colour scheme. Towers have been used as alternative (and additional) wedding cakes, dessert table centrepieces, evening buffet additions and reception canapé centrepieces by our clients in the past.

Often I’m given ideas / pinterest images / colour swatches to use as a starting point to create my clients products. Below is a pinterest photo of a macaron tower I was provided with and the next image shows you what I managed to create.

2019 and onwards I have lots of interesting colours and flavoured macarons to make. I’m also looking at new flavours to develop as well as taste testers to try these flavours on too!!

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