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Supplier Spotlight ~ Sam Pharoah Photography

January 23, 2019 | News

At Margot’s Wedding we love getting to know wedding suppliers. They’re a creative and passionate bunch! I think when it comes to getting to know your suppliers, you really need to make sure you’re on the same page as your photographer. They’re with you all day long, from getting ready with your friends, to intimate moments with your newly betrothed, to the slippery mess on the dance floor!

Today we hear about what makes Sam Pharoah tick, from the smell of lemons (!) to yoga and frosty holidays…

What makes you happy?

Ooh, all sorts of things…. a funky beat that gets my feet moving, being silly with friends, hanging out with my lovely family, happy dog, smelling a lemon, good art, being in the great outdoors, seeing the sky under animals, delicious tastes…..I could go on but will spare you for now!

Family, dogs, art, the outdoors, yoga, beach, cake, dancing…

What does a perfect Saturday look like to you?

Umm..can I do all the things, please?  Lazy wake-up, book read, run, yoga, family beach walk/board games/film, nice coffee, cake, seeing some good art, meal with friends, dancing, sleep!

What’s your idea of a dream holiday?

Tricky!  I immediately imagine relaxing in the sunshine on a perfect beach with the sound of waves and a good book, but then I think of our dream-like honeymoon, where we went dog-sledding in the frozen wilds of Canada – sledding over icy lakes and through frozen forests that sparkled (they actually did).  I think just getting away to somewhere out of the ordinary and off the beaten track is exciting to me!

How would you describe your personal style?

Relaxed, slightly hippy/funky/arty.

What three items would you take with you to a desert island?

Oh no, so hard!!   A huge book on desert island skills/ideas, a boat (can double as a shelter), a blank notebook/sketchbook with long-lasting pen attached (counts as one thing, right?) for writing/drawing/musings.

What do you love watching on TV?

Vic and Bob

Where’s your favourite place on earth?

I think the West Coast of Australia might be it so far – so varied, amazing and remote.  I’m also very partial to Budapest, if I’m allowed more than one!

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Pizza, Gu desserts, nice coffee, Bargain Hunt.

What’s your favourite film?

Withnail & I

Beauty is Everywhere

What do you love about wedding photography?

I love being part of such a happy occasion, getting to know couples and their families and capturing the atmosphere with my camera.  I love that the day is so varied, so photography is never limited to just one genre – there are so many opportunities for creativity throughout the day.

What’s your background?

Arty!  I studied photography as part of my Art Degree, then trained as an Art and Design teacher, where I specialised much more in photography.  Having travelled a bit and having children, I started my professional photography business after years of teaching photography in various settings – I now continue to teach classes to adults alongside my Wedding and Commercial Photography business.

What inspires you?

All things visual, nature, connecting with people, great art, talented friends.

What’s your favourite food?

Anything tasty and vegetarian/pescatarian – Thai, Indian or a good nut roast are a good place to start.  Food always most delicious when cooked for me by others!

How would you describe your interior style?

Simple but decorative.

What’s your moto?

Beauty is everywhere.

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