Supplier Spotlight – Sparkling Events Hampshire

Have I mentioned it’s my 40th birthday on Monday??? Well Sparkling Events Hampshire are one of the local suppliers contributing to the fun. Yes of course I’m having giant light up letters at my party!

When thinking about personalising a wedding, or any event for that matter, light up letters work really well as signage (dancefloor, bar etc), a good size prop (the letters/numbers are 4ft tall!), a talking point and a photo opportunity.

For a wedding you could have your initials and an ampersand, your full names, LOVE or think outside the box and have a unique word. How about KISS? or FIZZ? Or SMILE (you can have those for free)… the only limit is your imagination really.

The numbers/letters can be dressed with flowers or a balloon cloud for extra wow factor.

As well as light up letters, Sparkling Events Hampshire also offer giant flower walls. Again, a really practical prop! You can use a flower wall as a backdrop for your ceremony, your top table or photo booth. With all your guests dressed up, hair and make up perfect, of course they’ll love posing in front of a beautiful, colourful floral display!

If you’re in need of props and ideas, have a look at Sparkling Events Hampshire’s website because, not only do they offer light up letters and flower walls, they also offer a large flower hoop (great for ceremonies), a sweet tower and a donut wheel.

Their sister company is The Hampshire Flower Wall Company.

Happy Chrimbo Y’all (I’m sure I’ll be sharing images of the giant 40 from Monday’s party soon enough!)

Helen x

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