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Supplier Spotlight – Teddy Pig Photography

February 26, 2019 | News

Recently I asked photographer Kerry Tongue, AKA Teddy Pig Photography, where her business name came from. She quipped that she couldn’t call it Tongue Photography because when you Googled it, it came up with lots of pornographic images! This sums Kerry up, she’s a good laugh and very down to earth. She’s photographed events for me, taken part in my personal branding workshop, advertised in the magazine, exhibited at my wedding fair and photographed my styled shoots. Considering I’ve known her for less than a year, I feel this is quite impressive! Kerry admits she’s ‘going for it’ now her second son is a bit older and she has more childcare.

So, a bit of background about the woman behind Teddy Pig Photography. Kerry originally hales from Stoke-on-Trent but lived in London for over ten years working in celebrity and photojournalism picture agencies. Whilst selling the work of established photographers, Kerry produced her own work on film with cameras such as the LC-A and Holga, made famous by the Lomography movement.

To achieve the colours and look I wanted I would shoot the film and then cross process it so the colours became vivid and slightly surreal. Since the arrival of digital, and my career in wedding photography, I still strive towards images that are vivid, and of a street photography/reportage feel.

Kerry’s now based in West Sussex (will travel if provided with Haribo) and she specialises in weddings, family and commercial photography.

My wedding photography is impulsive and documentary in style, aiming to record all those elements on the day that are fleeting. I will capture all the details, quirks and interactions that are completely individual to you, your day and your family.

I love Kerry’s photography, her images pop with contrast and have a strong, gritty feel. I believe her passion, technical ability and experience make her one of the best wedding photographers in the area… and don’t forget she’s very easy going and will probably join in with the toasts!

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