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Tara Deighton

September 28, 2015 | News

Lottie Emerson catches up with bridal designer and Doily Days Advertiser Tara Deighton…

When I was 13 years old my mother told me something I will never forget. ‘’When you are older you will have a job. Find one you love doing and it will bring you joy and it will make you proud. Then it will no longer feel like a job and you can be happy, doing what you love everyday’’
The lucky ones in this world have this.
Tara Deighton is one of those people.
Tara has been in the bridal world for 3 years, she designs and makes bespoke bridal gowns. She says ”I’d always wanted to make beautiful dresses and trained as a pattern cutter. I worked for designers for years then trained to be a teacher. I gave this up to pursue my dream and now I spend every day making the most beautiful dresses and wedding accessories for really lovely ladies.’’
In this industry inspiration is key, Tara is inspired by her clients, vintage clothing, couture embellishments and aspects of culture and history. She says ”My muse would be someone like Marianne Faithful or Kate Moss.’’ Two beautiful women who conquered the music and modelling industry from young ages, they both showed that with commitment and a strong work ethic you can reach your dreams. Which is clearly why Tara is inspired by them, and that shows through her passion for her work.
When I asked her about the process of her work this is what she said ”I have a consultation with my bride and we go over her plans, budget etc. I always ask her what are the 5 things she has to have! I then put together an inspiration board and design suggestions. It’s a collaborative process. Once she’s decided, I measure her and make up a toile, which we fit to her and then make up the final dress.”
The dress is the most important part for a bride and Tara being able to complete this part truly makes her feel like she is living her dreams. She says ‘’It’s wonderful to see the bride when she tries on the final dress for the first time!’’
Having the freedom to be creative and happy through something so beautiful can give someone the highest of achievements and pleasure. So we thank Tara Deighton for proving that, and also for her outstanding bridal dresses.
Thank you for reading, and please tell your children what my mother told me and maybe they too will never have a ‘job’.

By Lottie Emerson

Tara is based in Hastings, East Sussex. You can view more of her work and contact her via the Facebook page or call her on 07825 585051

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