The Benefits of Engagement Shoots

If you’re looking at wedding photography have you considered booking an engagement shoot too? There may be many reasons you’ve disregarded it as ‘not necessary’ or ‘not your thing’, but it could actually be the perfect part of the jigsaw for the following reasons:

1. Get to know your photographer.

You’ve probably chosen your photographer because you like their photography style. Maybe you’ve had a chat on the phone, a coffee together, or perhaps you met at a wedding fair. An engagement shoot is the perfect opportunity to get to know your photographer a little better. After all, they’ll be in close proximity to you A LOT on your wedding day! It helps to build that friendship/feel comfortable around them in advance.

2. Get used to the way they direct.

Thoughts of being the centre of attention/having a lens in your face may fill you with horror, depending on the type of person you are. An engagement shoot helps prepare you for how your photographer will interact with you on your wedding day. You may find it a lot more relaxed, and easier, than you think! A good photographer will be well versed in making their subjects feel relaxed and looking their best in photos.

3. Choose a location that is totally different to wedding venue.

Don’t forget on your wedding day you’ll be in wedding attire, and the photos will look distinctly wedding-y. You can choose what you wear in your engagement shoot photos, depending on the time of year, location etc. These photos can be given to loved ones as gifts (Christmas present anyone?) or even used on save the date/thank you cards. You could consider a beach shoot, woodland, lavender fields, or something more urban like a skate park, amusement arcade or a cool diner/cafe. Think outside the box or ask your photographer for ideas. The location you choose and the clothes you wear should reflect your personalities.

4. You can try different things the wedding day may not allow time for.

As you may have been told, a wedding day goes by in a blur. A blink of an eye. There’s so many people to talk to, so many meals to eat, cake to cut, speeches to listen to, dances to dance… and of course photos to be dragged off for. You may simply not have time for creative photographs on your wedding day so an engagement shoot gives you this relaxed freedom to try things out. It’s also a great opportunity to casually discuss with your photographer shots you’d definitely like on the wedding day.

5. You can be a bit silly

Depending on location you can pose with ice cream on your noses, on carousel horses, giving each other piggy backs along the beach. And of course, no 2020 engagement shoot would be complete without the prerequisite covid mask shot.

Photos and headers suggested by Kerry Tongue, Teddy Pig Photography. Click HERE to find our more about Kerry. And to see one of her stunning real weddings, click HERE.

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