The Big Red Box – Audio Guest Book

The Big Red Box is the world’s only audio guest book. Housed in a beautifully handcrafted, life-sized replica of the iconic British red telephone box, it’s fun, interactive and uses state-of-the-art technology to capture the essence of an event.

Founder and Chief Inventor Rebecca Uttley has produced events for over 20 years. She’s worked as a PA to the rich and famous, as a wedding planner, Art Director for Secret Cinema and she once owned an antiques shop.

Over to Rebecca to tell us more…

The idea for an audio guest book came about whilst planning a wedding for a celebrity client who didn’t want guests to take photos. I had to think about a way to capture the spirit of the wedding in the same way a photograph captures a moment. I talked to my married friends and dived into message boards on wedding planning websites. The same thing kept coming up… people didn’t have enough time to talk to their guests. Everyone wanted to relive their day and wished they could have spent more time with their loved ones. The idea literally came to me in the shower and by the end of the day I’d bought the replica telephone box, registered the domain name and spoken to my friend who has since developed the code for the technology.

Above photos: Mark Bothwell

At wedding shows people always ask “Is it a photo booth?”. I’ll never put a camera inside. It would then be about the person standing in the box, not the happy couple on the end of the phone.

I wanted to find a way to capture how people tell stories. In the same way a photograph captures a moment.

A personal, pre-recorded greeting message is played to guests when they pick up the telephone. The Big Red Box then collects their voicemails expressing congratulations, sharing love and reminiscing. The things people say and stories they tell are beautiful…and after 10pm, pretty hilarious! There is always more than one person in there and there is always singing. After the wedding, you receive a little red box which contains all the voicemail messages on a super-cute 3D printed telephone handset USB stick.

After my first wedding my client said that aside from her dress and their vows it was the most talked about thing at the wedding!


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