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January 4, 2019 | News

In less than three weeks our special issue will be FOR SALE on the retail shelves!! I feel sick with excitement. I hope you’ve got your £4.95 at the ready…

Margot's Wedding

Our cover for this issue is very special. It was shot by Nick Tucker who is an absolutely EPIC photographer. You must take a look at his work on Facebook or Instagram. He manages to capture funny, silly, poignant moments but all with a cool, editorial edge.

I spend yonks looking for our covers. I sit for hours examining photos on social media for exactly the right ‘look’. Like everything I do, I have to ‘feel’ it. It has to speak directly to my heart. Deep I know.

I’m so excited to share more images from this amazing shoot with you. It was coordinated by Francesca from The Fabulous Vintage Bride. Nick originally said no to the shoot. He explains he’s shot bridal features before and has come away feeling “compromised and a little sullied”. When Francesca said she was thinking about an Ellen Von Unwerth vibe Nick was like, “Damnit. I’m in. You had me at Ellen.”

Francesca’s own wedding, last year, had ballerina bridesmaids and Bunny Girl waitresses! Her company, The Fabulous Vintage Bride offers an alternative take on wedding styling and prop hire.

Francesca gave Nick artistic freedom on the day to shoot the fashion images (someone else shot the props). He says: “Artistic freedom. Now that’s a rare and precious thing. In terms of shooting and lighting I started the day with a studio lighting set up, and ended it with on-camera flash for a rawer kind of feel”.

Photography: Nick Tucker

Models: Grace Cairns and Diana Vickers

Styling: Francesca Barnes The Fabulous Vintage Bride

Hair and makeup: Elbie Bayley

Dresses: Belle & Bunty

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