The Joy of Wedding Season

August 1, 2018 | News

The following is a recent piece I wrote for Waterside Magazine:

It’s that time of year, weddings are in full swing. Perhaps you’re at the stage where literally all your friends are getting married? You have six weddings to go to this summer and you’re wondered whether you can wear the same dress to all of them because the hen celebrations are costing you in excess of £1k. Or perhaps you’re at the second marriage stage? Smaller, low key affairs without the white dress and on a much smaller budget. Maybe one of your children is getting married? Are you in a permanent state of shock about how much everything costs? Are you preparing to erect a marquee in your garden and buy a new hat? Or perhaps indeed, you yourself are getting married.

I love a good wedding; the date proudly ring-fenced in your diary, the dress shopping, the promise of seeing people you haven’t seen for years. The curious, unlikely gathering that is a hen/stag do. Then the day itself; a blur of hugs, air kisses, never enough canapes, too many top-ups, nuptials, tears, confetti, dinner, wine, speeches, dancing, crafty cigarettes, painful feet… hangovers.

Above photos from left: Eclection Photography, Olivia Judah, Nicki Feltham Main featured photo: Carrie Lavers

At 38 I’m reminiscing to ten years ago when the majority of my friends got married (when I could handle hangovers and before I had a child). In the years since I’ve published 11 wedding magazines, countless blog posts and attended an inappropriate amount of weddings fairs for a single person. I’m kinda ya girl if you need advice on anything wedding related; whether that’s cool spots for a hen/stag do, my favourite dress designers, venues that will let you camp, ideas for readings, advice for speeches… the list goes on.

Here on our website you can read all previous magazines, browse archive blog posts and search for suppliers within the directory. For now, here are some of my top tips for companies to check out:

For an alternative solution to a gift list:

For inspired venue ideas:

A marvellous place for a peaceful hen weekend or domestic mini-moon:

If you need a bell tent village as guest accommodation:

Some heros who entertain kids at weddings:

Art in cake form:

Stylish accessories for the groomsmen:

Go to Brighton to make your own wedding rings:

Impress your guests with professional first dance lessons:

Good folk who provide catering and DJ services:

Happy celebrating!

By Helen Ruff, Editor


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