The Wellbeing Benefits of Camping/Glamping

September. How are we all feeling? Personally I am relieved school has gone back. My son and I (and our family and friends) have had a great summer but it’s been a juggling act for sure. It seems very bizarre to me that the sun is shining and it’s scorching hot! When I pictured ‘back to school’ I had long trousers, shiny shoes and brand-new too-big sweatshirts in my mind. But no, he’s off in shorts and Crocs and is emerging a sweaty mess at the end of the day!

Today’s blog post is all about the wellbeing benefits of camping/glamping and some name dropping for our advertisers Great British Bell Tents who are wedding bell tent erection specialists!

I have found myself under canvas every summer for the last four years. Every year I find myself getting annoyed with a camping stove, searching for things endlessly in the chaos of my tent… and thinking “why do we do this?” And every year when we pack up camp we happily wave each other off, vowing to do it again next year.

To me the benefits of camping/glamping are as follows:

  1. Vitamin D from the sun/being outside.
  2. A break from makeup.
  3. A chance to ground with mother earth while walking everywhere barefoot.
  4. The kids get a break from screens.
  5. The sense of community. You and your fellow campmates can take it in turn to make cups of tea, you can pool your food supplies and cook up a storm, take it in turns to do the washing up (and get the kids involved too!), you can watch each others kids, you can hang out and have a few drinks and you don’t have far to your bed.

Now lets look at how each of those benefits from your bog standard British break compares to glamping at a wedding:

  1. Being outside. Yes! You can dump your bags, get acquainted with your bell tent interior and head straight outside to join the party, or possibly have a bevvy in a deck chair? Then of course there’s the morning after, you’ll be only too ready to be outside if the sun is beating down on canvas and you’ve got a hangover.
  2. A break from makeup. Hmmmm possibly not.
  3. Barefoot grounding with mother earth. Yes! Style your wedding around the camping element with boho vibes. Think 70s-style maxi dress, flowers in hair and barefoot sandals. Extra points for glitter. You never end up wearing your shoes at the end of a wedding anyway.
  4. A break from screens. Yup! Why not have a digital detox and leave your phone in the tent? All your nearest and dearest are likely to be there and there are professionals paid to take photos at weddings. Free yourself!
  5. The sense of community. Yes! You’ll make new friends and wax lyrical to them for hours around the campfire before pinching someone’s headtorch and stumbling into bed. Don’t forget to furnish yourself with water for the night! The next morning your task is to befriend the organised/less hungover guests who are making cups of tea and bacon butties. Top tip, take your own enamel mug (and perhaps some biscuits to share to soften the blow?)

If you’re in the market for wedding bell tents in Sussex or surrounding counties, Great British Bell Tents come highly recommended, whether for a honeymoon suite, chillout tent or full bell tent village.

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