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Wedding planner and stylist Sally Gallis previously worked in theatre. She’s been a drama teacher, director, producer and set designer. We caught up with her to find out how she’s transferred her experience to the marvellous world of weddings…

How it all began

Sally is a self-confessed creative magpie, so after planning her own wedding, and a friend’s, she decided to change career. She launched Events by Design just two years ago. “People ask whether the job is massively different” says Sally, “and honestly, I don’t think it is. I still get to lark about with pretty things and make people happy”.

Sally’s Style

Relishing the freedom to be creative, Sally can be versatile when it comes to style. She finds inspiration via interior design, art and fashion, and she adores shapes and textures. She drools over flowers, loves contemporary theatre design and is constantly inspired by those she works with. She observes trends in the wedding industry and finds ways to use them in her own unique way.

Above photos: 1. Weddings by Tom 2. Anna Pumer 

Styled Shoot Queen

Sally is a styled shoot QUEEN. “I love everything about them!” she says, “watching a concept come to life, seeing what talented suppliers bring to the table, and then the thrill of seeing it published”. She’s found them to be a brilliant way to build her portfolio, try new ideas and connect with fellow suppliers.

Sally’s Clients

Sally’s clients are contemporary, non-traditional, open-minded and fun. Initially she likes to have a face-to-face meeting to find out how they met, their likes/dislikes and, importantly what they want and equally DON’T want at their wedding. She then creates a concept using words and pictures which allows clients to start to visualise their wedding and get excited. She’s then there every step of the way, as a confident, shoulder to cry on and new friend.

Above photos: 1. Sam Pharoah 2. Jasmine Andrews 3. Wayne Kahn

Personal Life

When Sally’s not working (or running after teenagers) you can find her weight training, walking her dogs, supping on cocktails or eating chocolate whilst enjoying a good box set. Her home is a mix of old and new; modern and quirky paired with mid-century. She loves pops of colour and is a sucker for a fun, kitsch ornament. She expresses herself through her fashion choices too. “My kids get embarrassed because I like to try out new ideas” says Sally. “I occasionally dabble with pink hair and love DMs, but other days I like a nice dress and trainers”.

Above photos: 1&2. Annamarie Stepney 3. Menzies Photography

Come and meet Sally at Margot’s Wedding Fair at The Worthing Dome on Sunday 27th September (hopefully).


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