Top Tips for a DIY Wedding Cake

July 26, 2019 | DIY, DIY Tips, Top tips, Wedding cake

Many brides opt for a DIY wedding cake when it comes to their big day, so we have Lara Kenny of Love from lila xx, a bespoke wedding cake company based on the Surrey/Hampshire border, sharing her best tips:

  • To decide on what cakes you need, look for cutting guides online. For ‘normal’ 3” high tiers, look at 1×2” serving sizes. As an example, an 8” cake will give you about 26 slices.
  • When it comes to filling the cakes, fresh cream and cream cheese are a no-no for quite a few reasons. For my jam layers, I pipe a dam of buttercream around the edges and fill the middle with jam to help stop the layers slipping around – this is really important if you want a cake that doesn’t lean or break.
  • If you are thinking of having a naked cake or even cupcakes, they need to be made the night before the wedding and can only be left out for 4 hours. Instead, try a semi-naked cake which will stop the cake drying out as quickly.
  • When stacking cakes, it’s best to look at YouTube videos to see how to stack them properly. To avoid stacking cakes, why not try a deconstructed cake like Meghan’s royal wedding cake last year?
  • If you want flowers to decorate your cake, you shouldn’t use flowers from your florist as there are all sorts of chemicals and pesticides on them, and the flowers themselves could be toxic. Instead, find a company like Maddocks Farm Organics for edible flowers.
  • If you need to transport the cake, refrigerate the cake for 1 hour or so before travelling, and I’d recommend taking each tier on its own, then stacking at the venue. Take corners slowly and keep the air con on if it’s a hot day!
  • Most importantly, have a dry run a couple of weeks before the wedding so that you can test out your recipes, design and skills!

Best of luck creating your DIY wedding cake,

Love from lila xx

Image credit: Pink Cupcakes (above centre) Jenny Owens Photography.

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