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Hi guys! Sorry for radio silence on the blog this week. I had a lovely real wedding lined up for Tuesday but I’ve been having some problems uploading the images. It’s all being sorted now, thank goodness for my brilliant developers.

I thought I’d write a general post about what’s what here at Margot’s HQ i.e. what’s been happening, what’s coming next and what’s in store as we look forward to 2020.

This week we’re finalising issue 16 and it’s due out on Monday. We’ve been collating adverts and editorial over the last few months and Jo (marvellous Jo from Rad Creative) sent me the first proof yesterday. So now it’s time for me to go through everything with a fine tooth comb (and a large glass of vino) and Jo will make any changes I want (I love this bit, I’m sure Jo hates it!) Then it’s off to the proofreader before we add all the advertisers links, upload it and share it with the world!

Out Monday. Cover image: Epic Love Story

Our next issue will be out at the end of January/early Feb, perfect timing for all you newly engaged couples as you emerge from your Xmas coma and get your butts into gear!

Things have changed so much this year, this time last year we were still printing the mags and I was grafting away to meet my deadline to get the special issue into the shops for January. In many ways it was the highlight of my career but it also marked an about turn in our business model. It was no longer sustainable financially so we switched to digital only… and issue 16 will be our third digital-only issue this year! It’s still strange to me that I can’t reach for the last issues in print for reference, but it was definitely the right decision.

(Cover photographers: 1) issue 15, Sarah Rook 2) issue 14, Sam Pharoah 3) issue 13, Nick Tucker

Not only are we producing more magazines a year but we’re doing more wedding fairs too! A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have embarked on more than one fair a year but this year I’ve done three! And next year I’ll probably do four! When I was printing and distributing the magazines I didn’t want to step on any fair organisers toes… and I still don’t, but it all seemed to happen very organically, with venues approaching me, and I think when things are organic, they’re right. The way I think of it is it’s the IRL (‘in real life’ if you’re not DWTK… ‘down with the kids’, lol) version of the magazine. I’m bringing unique creative wedding suppliers together so they can promote their products and services. The difference is, at fairs, you can chat face-to-face, eat real cake, drink real booze and pose in real photo booths!

(Above photos: Nicola Kirk)

My next fair is at The Worthing Dome on Sunday 26th January. It will be my fourth fair there and I love working with the venue. It’s such a light, bright space with amazing views and it keeps my hand in with the Sussex suppliers now I live in Hampshire. Following that I’ve got The Boat Shed’s exciting ‘launch’ wedding fair on Sunday 8th March (more about the boat shed shortly). I don’t have my autumn dates confirmed yet but I’m hoping we’ll do The Dome again and I’m also looking to do a fair at Wagner Hall in Brighton.

(Go to our Wedding Fair page for all fair info and follow links to register).

(Above images: 1) Jessica Milberg 2) Sam Pharoah)

The Boat Shed is coming together slowly but surely, if you saw the shoot we did there with Sam Pharoah… it looks nothing like that now! Internal walls have been created and painted and props have been artfully added. There’s still plenty of cleaning, clearing and building to be done before our March launch though. In the meantime I’ve been working on the sales brochure, organising all things bar (wine tasting… it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it) and meeting with prospective couples. I just love being down at Wicor Marine, it’s such a special place, I feel a real sense of peace when I’m there… And the exciting thing is, I’m moving there! After Christmas myself and Rupert (my four-year-old son) will be packing up, waving goodbye to Southsea, our home for the last four years, and saying hello to a quieter life in Portchester. I’m sure it will take a bit of getting used to but I’m so excited about all things interior design, and getting prepared for Rupert to start school next September (and the joy of every day to work!)

Above photos (2, 4 & 6) Sam Pharoah.

Ooooh I almost forgot to mention a very important event that’s happening before that… my 40th next month! 40 years ago, on 23rd December 1979, I was born! So a celebration is in order. I will share photos post event because the brilliant Kerry from Teddy Pig Photography is coming to party with me, and capture some pro shots of all my crazy mates in 70s dinner party attire! Think Abigail’s Party (Margot’s Party?)

Epic retro film!

Anyway, I think that’s all my news. There’s a lot going on isn’t there? Oh and I’m going to give my podcast some attention too! I’m hoping to interview some industry folk over the next few months before silly season kicks off again!

I’m taking a break when issue 16’s officially out. If I don’t take a break now I never will. I’m planning on doing lots of party planning, lots of home interior planning, lots of yoga, some cooking and some personal writing projects.

Cheers guys!

Helen x

Photo: Teddy Pig Photography, flowers Bloom Bloom.

Featured photo: Sam Pharoah

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