Updates from Margot’s HQ – Back to Work!

It’s the 1st of July! I’m moving home today after living with my sister for three months and I’m back in FULL work mode from tomorrow. I’m no longer Furloughed so bring it on!

I thought today would be the perfect time for a reflective post, a look back on the last three months and a look ahead to the next three/six months.

The last three months

I’ve been Furloughed from the business since the end of March. All I’ve done is kept up with emails and blog posts (i.e. my statutory obligation as company director to ‘maintain the success of the business’). There are plenty of things I wanted to get on with behind the scenes while I had this unexpected break. I wanted to spend time working on Pinterest, I wanted to put some more efficient working systems in place, I wanted to finish my accounts. But you know what, I also wanted a break. So, although these things were on my daily/weekly to-do lists, I haven’t quite achieved them. And that’s ok.

(Above photos feature my son Rupert and my niece Martha).

So what have I been doing? Lots of self care! I haven’t had an alcoholic drink for six months. I’ve pledged not to drink at all in 2020 so today marks the half way point. I’ve reached the summit and I’m admiring the view!

As a result of ditching the booze I’ve been eating well, exercising regularly (running and yoga) and I’ve lost two stone. When I completed my Project Love diary this year, my word of the year was VITALITY. I feel really proud that I’ve used lockdown to achieve something that was so important to me.

I’ve done a couple of personal photo shoots. Right at the beginning of Lockdown I did the amazing FaceTime photo shoot with Tim Dunk. These photos are so important to me, I will never forget how I felt at this time. Everything was so up in the air!

Liberty Photo Shoot

Three weeks ago I took part in a ‘river’ shoot with Liberty Photography who are based locally to me in Southsea. It was a gift from my sister for my 40th birthday in December. I purposely booked it for June thinking I wanted a few months to get into my year of ‘vitality’ and look my best. Actually, the gift was ‘Glitter Tits’ but as that takes place in the studio and the studio was closed due to Covid, I opted for the outdoor river shoot.

Usually the liberty shoots include hair and makeup but as this wasn’t possible I did my own… and I had to be at the river at 7.30am! So it was a jolly early start. Before the shoot I was sent a Pinterest board with styling ideas. As usual I was pretty unorganised so I found myself in the lingerie department of Tesco the day before (no other shops were open!) I was so pleased with what I found! I felt so comfortable and confident in the delicate body and kimono.

I went into this shoot with an open mind and an open heart. The ladies at Liberty (they also run The Liberty Lounge, check it out) are all about empowerment, body positivity and art. They’ve seen bodies in all shapes and sizes. I didn’t want to waste any time with insecurities, I wanted to get the most out of the experience.

We all met at the river in Wickham, armed with coffee and pastries. There were four of us to be photographed and three photographers – Holly, Aurora and Jen (Jen Sanchez AKA The Liberty Lady is the founder of this amazing business) . I believe we were all marking birthdays with this special shoot, I was the oldest at 40, the others were 18, 30 and 36. After introductions we got straight down to business checking out each others outfits… basically getting our kit off. The dog walkers that morning got quite a surprise! We took it in turns to go to each photographer. It was bloody freezing but I did my best not to look cold.

My teeth were chattering all the way home; I was freezing (on the verge of Hypothermia) buzzing from caffeinated coffee when I usually drink decaf, buzzing from the experience. Exhilarated but exhausted. I needed a shower and a lie down.

I waited less than a week to see my edited photos, at which point I went through them with Holly on Zoom. It was so hard choosing my favourites but I’m so pleased with them. To me they will always mark my 40th birthday, lockdown and my vitality journey.

The next three months

I am moving house in two months so July and August are all about getting back into work and using my spare time to have a big sort out and prepare to move. Work-wise, I have decisions to make about my wedding fairs. Currently I have fairs planned for Worthing on 27th September and Brighton on 18th October. I was also planning to do another fair at The Boat Shed at the beginning of September but as this will coincide with my move/my son starting school, I think it would be better to do an open day earlier in the year. I have a meeting with the owners of the boat yard this week so decisions and announcements will be made. I can’t wait to get back there! I’ve got lots of couples interested in viewing so hopefully the diary for 2021 and beyond will start filling up.

I am also going to be working on lots of valuable online content, working on my website traffic and continuing to promote businesses who are in line with our brand.

I absolutely love what I do and I can’t wait to get back into it. I know the future of wedding receptions is unclear but in my mind, love is clearer than ever. And that’s really what it’s all about isn’t it? We will celebrate wholeheartedly with the people we love however and whenever we can.

Helen x


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