Weddings that Stand the Test of Time

July 30, 2019 | Love, Marriage, News, Photography, real wedding

I’ve wanted to write this post for a while because it’s something I feel quite passionately about. I’ve run this wedding business for ten years and even before that I was involved with weddings in some form or another. I worked in the function room at Hampton Court Palace when I was 18 and then, in later life, I worked for event companies; one company specialised in Moroccan-themed events and the other, hen and stag weekends all over the world. The reason I’m telling you this is because I feel like I’ve seen it all when it comes to weddings. I’ve seen things change within the industry, I’ve seen trends come and go and I’ve marvelled at things that don’t seem to be going anywhere… like photobooths (I have however seen a million incarnations of the humble photobooth)! It can be a fickle industry, a showy industry and to be honest I’ve been more involved in the ‘trend’ side of things than I’d like. I did a lot of work on ‘brand Margot’ when we rebranded from Doily Days at the beginning of last year and I worked out what was important to me. I love photography and I’m interested in the human psyche. Photos and people… and that’s why I love the wedding industry so much. Weddings are such emotion-charged events with so much heart, soul and beauty to capture on camera. I love edgy, arty photography. I love playful, crazy moments captured. I love images that make you look twice and that are ‘different’. I like couples who are creative, madly in love and aren’t afraid to do things their own way… even if that means their wedding probably won’t end up on a trendy wedding blog.

(Above photos, from left, Benjamin Wheeler Stuart, Tom Biddle, Benjamin Wheeler Stuart)

When I first started my business, vintage china and tea party-style weddings were all the rage. Pretty doilies, bowls of traditional sweeties and wildflowers stuffed in baby pink coffee pots. It was a look of the moment. Fifties-style dresses were a ‘thing’ too, with bride maids in coloured polka dot numbers with huge petticoats. Nostalgia was the order of the day… but when you look back to those weddings now, I think they look incredibly dated. And that may be fine, in a kind of iconic, ‘wow look at the dress of the era’ kind of way, but it wasn’t the 1940s, or 1950s, it was the 2000s. How confusing for our children! No offence to anyone who had this kind of wedding because if I had got married at that time, this is definitely the look I would have gone for! but as I’ve got wiser to the industry, I think I’d actively seek to keep ‘trends’ out of my wedding day and go for a more timeless look. Almost like going back to a ‘traditional’ wedding??? Oh goodness me, now I don’t know. Oh well, I’m nowhere near getting married so that’s okay!

Trends make me feel tired, because there’s always someone who started the trend and then a bunch of people who jump on the bandwagon. I have respect for the trendsetters in the industry, the trailblazers, and I always find it’s a shame when it becomes mass market. Whenever I work on shoots, I never looks at what’s cool or trendy because I don’t like stealing other people’s ideas. I like creating my own concepts.

When it comes to real weddings, I like to feature celebrations that ooze love and personality. Here are some images of my favourite weddings I’ve featured over the years that perfectly sum up the point I’m trying to get across…

Image credits from top left: Ben Millar, Sharon Cooper, Teddy Pig Photography, Anna Pumer, Nikki Van Der Molen, Sacco & Sacco, Anna Pumer, Laura McClusky, Carrie Lavers, Jo Thorne, Bee Holmes, Emma Hill, Natasha Buckney, Sara Cuadrado, Jenny Owens, Mary Parker, Laura McCluskey.

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