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What a Year!..

November 24, 2016 | News

… I know it’s not over but with The Wonderous Wedding Fair behind us and issue 8 officially ‘out there’ I’m winding down, reflecting on a crazy year and planning for 2017.

2016 started in a new home in a new town with a two week old babe in arms; nappies, feeding, washing and all the craziness that goes with new parenthood. Doily Days special issue was under-way but, to be honest, the business was the last thing on my mind… as was showering, leaving the house and attempting to make a proper meal. Cut to March and I was in London at A Most Curious Wedding Fair, three-month-old baby in tow, launching our special issue which was a culmination (a celebration!) of everything we’ve achieved in three years of the magazine. Cut to the summer and I was working at weddings, working on issue 9 (with a new team and a full-on rebrand added into the mix), oh and I embarked on a project with Alex from The Vintage Parade; The Wonderous Wedding Fair, a wham-bam-thank-you-maam alternative wedding fair in Southsea, Portsmouth. When we decided to work on a wedding fair I didn’t realise what I was getting myself into but it turned into the best thing I could have done. I got to know new suppliers who in-turn became advertisers in the magazine, I went on the radio, Alex and I organised a styled shoot, we hosted a networking event and then, when we were exhausted and scrapping ourselves off the floor, we had the main event itself which was a wonderous event indeed, full of glitz, glamour and a very unglamourous power cut at the end. Read all about the fair here via our photographer, the brilliant Adam Sainte Croix.

I don’t want to give her all the credit but much of the success of the fair was down to the relentless power-house that is Alex Cvijovic of The Vintage Parade. She kept me on my toes, taught me a thing or two about event management and made me realise beyond everything else, it’s all about staying true to your brand and having good people with you for the ride.

So here we are, November, I’m out and about with pram-loads of magazines, distributing like the good old days, tentatively looking at dates for next year’s fair and organising my son’s first birthday party. I’m looking forward to the festivities but above all else I’m looking forward to 2017 being another amazing year and I want to say a massive THANK YOU for all the support and love for Doily Days.


Helen x

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