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January 6, 2018 | News

Happy new year everyone! How are we all feeling about the year ahead? I’m looking forward to finally shaking off this horrible illness I’ve had since Boxing Day and feeling fully mind, body and spirit READY! At the moment, I have to say, I’m still in ‘sofa and film with a big bag of Maltesers’ mode.

I’ve managed to get the name change business underway though! I honestly didn’t know where to start with it all, or what to do first, but once I’d announced it and put the new logo out on social media everything else quickly followed. There are still some changes to be made to the website; some subtle colour changes to accommodate the new logo and some tweaks that are bound to arise with changing things after eight years. Margot’s Wedding already feels great though! And I’m pleased with the feedback and response so far. I’m getting lots of people transported back to The Good Life and good old Margo and Jerry. For me Margot is a really cool name, I feel like if you’re called Margot you’re pretty sorted in life. When I was pregnant we were convinced it was a girl and I was wracking my brains for a good name. It was seeing Margot Robbie on Top Gear with Will Smith that made me think ‘yes! Margot it is’ and that’s what we were going to call our little girl… except it wasn’t a little girl, it was a little boy and we called him Rupert. I feel like Rupert is quite a posh name (and I’m not posh) so I think if I were to have a girl in the future it would need to be something a little more ‘normal’. Calling for Rupert and Margot in the park sounds a bit wanky! So anyway, I’ve now got my Margot. The name Margot’s Wedding instantly reminds me of Abigail’s Party too, the iconic seventies film with the brilliant Alison Steadman. I really like that it could be the title of a film or a play… maybe one day it will be! And weddings are a piece of theatre anyway aren’t they?

(The photo of me, below right, is from an Abigail’s Party pop-up dining experience by The Art of Dining in 2015. It was brilliant!)

When choosing images for our front covers I can think ‘could this be a Margot’? and it will help me decide if the cover’s right. I can do some customer profiling around ‘Margot’, she can be our ideal reader. Are you a Margot? She’s confidant, sassy, she has her own individual style, eclectic taste, she’s creative, passionate, kind and she lives her life to the full.

(Our issue 9 cover photo, used to show the difference the new logo makes, is one of my favourite covers and was taken by Debs Ivelja)

I remember when I chose the name Doily Days, I was sitting in a chair in my mother’s front room and I’d been there all day with a notepad and pen just thinking. I knew the name had to be right and when I hit upon Doily Days I knew it was right… and it WAS right, it served me well. I feel like I’m putting Doily Days carefully away in a box along with all the photographs and memories of the journey so far. Doily Days was right for pretty vintage tea parties and although Margot wouldn’t say no to an afternoon tea complete with vintage china she’ll probably be drinking gin cocktails from the teapot, swapping the bunting for neon lights and hay bales for Chesterfields. Do you get what I mean? Margot likes vintage and retro stuff but she likes other things too and that, in a nutshell, is why I changed the name.

If you’d like to be involved with Margot’s Wedding this year there are plenty of opportunities within the magazine, on the blog, at styled shoots, networking events and at our autumn wedding fair. Please contact us for a media pack.

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